The Easy to use D2R Bot
now easier with the config interface


No coding required to setup

Avoid coding and get your class config file setup with a few clicks. Now available for sorceress & paladin.

No more ID values to keep track of

Full choice of options

Choose from all the available options for which ID values of clearing path or even selecting your spells, this makes botting even easier to setup than before. You do not need to use the config editor if you do not want to, but it does include the scheduler and upcoming auto loot posting for botting in D2R.

Act 1 through Act 5, completely accessible

Choose bosses or paths to clear

Simply choose your boss or paths to clear in any act you choose you will find more the merrier as take over bot for d2r is one of the fastest available. Take full use of your bot by knowing the options you can utilize for maximum botting of d2r you will want to keep your games as long as possible but also don't forget about the scheduler to take breaks. Your botting is as safe as you make it.

Maximum efficiency in d2r automation

Easy setup with exportable config

Import or export your configuration file as you can share your setup between your setups or if you choose to list it on one of many marketplaces.

d2r chest mania farming

farming chests in D2R

Making chest farming even easier you will find all the chests able to be selected to farm.

Act 1 – Act 5 Full clearing

D2R Leveling Bot and soon to be questing

Select the route for the ghosthunting, it will look for the mob that you are searching for automatically you will find soon to be able to select which quests you want to clear. With questing soon to be available you will find our bot to be the most versatile and only one of it's kind.

& Improve runs for d2r

blackmod for d2r bots

-Instant waypoint travel
-Super fast game creation
-Instant chicken to menu
-Hide name
-New features always being added